Ryan Isler

Web Developer

My Work

I primarily code with HTML(5), CSS(3), and JavaScript.
I utilize front-end frameworks like React, Angular and Bootstrap to improve the development process.
I love to implement color and unique design.

Storied Spaces

♦ JavaScript, PHP, MySQL

Storied Spaces is a mobile application designed for Hamline University students. Digital Media Arts students pair up with Creative Writing students to create unique websites that showcase student's writings. Google Maps API allows users to travese throughout campus to access the sites. I developed this as the Full Stack Engineer with Digital Media Arts department chair, Dave Ryan.

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Storied Spaces

Storied Spaces


♦ JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL

TeamSolve is a game designed to get people to work together. It is developed for mobile devices, however can be played on desktop too. Players earn puzzle pieces and colors by completing local puzzles. Then they are able to use those gained pieces on the group puzzle. TeamSolve was my capstone project at Hamline and was extremely fun to develop.

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My Personal Projects

While I'm not working, I am playing around with interesting web design tools!

Homework Note

♦ JavaScript, React

Homework is an application that I created for myself. This is a virtual planner. It is used to create and store due-dates and project names for class assignments. Developing this application for use on both desktop and mobile helped me plan my assignments virtually. This was an extremely fun project to work on!

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Abstraction Generation

♦ Flash, ActionScript 3.0

Abstraction generation is a digital art tool I created for the purpose of making wicked cool 2D art with very little input. Designs used as an overlay for images in a final project in my photography course at Hamline. Special thanks to random generators and display objects.

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Comfort Zone

♦ HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

Comfort zone is an HTML5 web game created to begin exploring the world of canvas development. Comfort Zone shows poetry as you progress throughout the web game. Each level changes the amount of space the user has to move around in. At the final stage, the restricted zones are completely opened.

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